Financial Assistance

Guidelines for Financial Assistance

The Mission of the Kate Sharl Foundation is to provide Cree individuals with special needs 0 to 18 years old of age opportunities to access high-quality, culturally appropriate resources that recognize their unique physical and developmental challenges and that will improve their quality of life and enable them to reach their full potential.

Eligibility Requirements


  • The child must be diagnosed by a Medical Practitioner with a serious illness or a permanent disability.Name of the element

  • The child must be 18 years of age, or younger.

  • The family must have used up all other financial resources available to them. These include:

  • Government funding: Assistance to children with Disabilities.

Policies And Guidelines

  • The KSF does not duplicate existing services such as the CHB or CSB and community support programs.
  • Families should look into other community resources before contacting the KSF.
  • Your Cree Health Care Services must apply to their own internal funds before applying to the KSF.
  • The Application for Financial Assistance must be submitted and approved before the item or service is purchased. Also, it is to be submitted before the given Deadline.
  • The KSF pays organizations, respite care and organizations directly. We do not reimburse parents.
  • All bills or receipts submitted must be in the KSF name.
  • The KSF ’s ability to fund eligible applications depends on the availability of funds. If the KSF does not have sufficient funds at the time of the application; the application may be held for a later date.
  • The amount of funding assistance may vary, based on the cost of the item or service, and the availability of funds at the time the application is received.
  • If any information is missing or the application is incomplete, it will be returned, resulting in a delay in processing.
  • Funding approval is valid for the timeframe indicated in our approval letter. If the funds are not accessed and paid out within this period, the request is not eligible for payment and any further costs will be the responsibility of the family.
  • The guidelines and policies regarding the KSF may be changed at any time without notice.