Cree Nation Government

Cree Child and Family Services Department

  • Prioritize children with special needs
  • Special Needs Educators in all childcare centers and shadows as required
  • Head Start Programs
  • Screening Programs
  • Support to families
  • Work in collaboration with CBHSSJB

Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay

Local & Regional Services

New Ministry Programs for clients with disabilities.

Local services: specific services:

  • home care rehab professionals, current services,
  • Awash programs – screenings well baby clinic follow ups, audiology testing, preventive care, support groups to parents, case management, psycho-social support

Regional services: specialized services by a team of highly experienced professionals to support local teams.

  • Diagnostic clinic,
  • Intervention clinic,
  • Training focused on individualized care, specialized training
  • Highly Specialized Services: CPS, External placements, Partnership with Specialized Care Units (Mackay, MCH..)

Services Required for children with Special Needs


Respite Services (in home and specialized homes)

Residential Services: specialized foster homes, group homes

Qualified Employees


Protocols with Cree Entities

Leisure activities adapted to special needs

Home Adaptations

Public building adaptions

Transportation – Vehicles, Road paving, sidewalks